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Oceanography Special Issue

Oceans Across the Solar System

Volume 35 Issue 1 June 2022

Planetary Oceanography: Leveraging Expertise Among Earth and Planetary Science
German, C.R., K.R. Arrigo, A.E. Murray, and A.R. Rhoden. 2022. Planetary oceanography: Leveraging expertise among Earth and planetary science. Oceanography 35(1):10–15,

Ocean System Science to Inform the Exploration of Ocean Worlds
German, C.R., D.K. Blackman, A.T. Fisher, P.R. Girguis, K.P. Hand, T.M. Hoehler, J.A. Huber, J.C. Marshall, K.R. Pietro, J.S. Seewald, E.L. Shock, C. Sotin, A.M. Thurnherr, and B.M. Toner. 2022. Ocean system science to inform the exploration of ocean worlds. Oceanography 35(1):16–22,

Leveraging Earth Hydrosphere Science in the Search for Life on Ocean Worlds
Hoehler, T.M., J.S. Bowman, K.L. Craft, P.A. Willis, and D.P. Winebrenner. 2022. Leveraging Earth hydrosphere science in the search for life on ocean worlds. Oceanography 35(1):23–29,

Defining and Characterizing Habitable Environments in Ocean World Systems
Glass, J.B., H.M. Dierssen, C.R. Glein, B.E. Schmidt, and D.P. Winebrenner. 2022. Defining and characterizing habitable environments in ocean world systems. Oceanography 35(1):30–38,

Research in Analog Environments to Enable Studies of Ocean Worlds
Arrigo, K. 2022. Research in analog environments to enable studies of ocean worlds. Oceanography 35(1):39–44,

Applying Understanding of Earth Systems, Including Climate Change, to Exploration of Other Ocean Worlds
Grebmeier, J.M. 2022. Applying understanding of Earth systems, including climate change, to exploration of other ocean worlds. Oceanography 35(1):45–53,

Oceans Across the Solar System and the Search for Extraoceanic Life: Technologies for Remote Sensing and In Situ Exploration
Chirayath, V., E. Bagshaw, K. Craft, H. Dierssen, D. Kline, D. Lim, M. Malaska, O. Pizarro, S. Purkis, D. Schroeder, P. Sobron, S. Waller, and D. Winebrenner. 2022. Oceans across the solar system and the search for extraoceanic life: Technologies for remote sensing and in situ exploration. Oceanography 35(1):54–65,

A Young Scientist’s Perspective on the Future of Ocean Worlds Research
Kleinman, A. 2022. A young scientist’s perspective on the future of ocean worlds research. Oceanography 35(1):66–67,