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Recent Ocean Worlds Research Publications

Bravenec, A.D. and Catling D.C., 2023. Effect of Concentration, Cooling, and Warming Rates on Glass Transition Temperatures for NaClO4, Ca(ClO4)2, and Mg(ClO4)2 Brines with Relevance to Mars and Other Cold Bodies. CS Earth Space Chem.2023, 7, 7, 1433–1445

Burkhard, L.M.L. and Fagents, S.A. Exploring the Initial Landing Site Area of Dragonfly on Titan: Insights into Shear Failure and Strike-Slip Faulting at Selk Crater, Icarus.

Huard DJE, et al. 2023. Molecular basis for inhibition of methane clathrate growth by a deep subsurface bacterial protein. PNAS Nexus

Napoleoni, M. et al 2023. Mass Spectrometric Fingerprints of Organic Compounds in Sulfate-Rich Ice Grains: Implications for Europa Clipper, ACS Earth Space Chem.

Hofgartner J. D. et al 2023. Bolometric Hemispherical Albedo Map of Pluto from New Horizons Observations. Planet. Sci. J. 4 132 DOI 10.3847/PSJ/ace3ab.

Kanaan, G. et al. 2023. Modeled energetics of bacterial communities in ancient subzero brines. Front. Microbiol., 26 July 2023. Sec. Extreme Microbiology. Volume 14-2023.

Matteoni, P. et al. 2023. Evolution of Thrace Macula on Europa: Strike-Slip Tectonic Control and Identification of the Youngest Terrains, JGR Planets, Volume 128, Issue 8, e2023JE007905.

Templeton A. S. and Caro, T. A., The Rock-Hosted Biosphere, Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences2023 51:1, 493-519.

Matteoni, P., et al. 2023. Ménec Fossae on Europa: A Strike-Slip Tectonics Origin above a possible Shallow Water Reservoir. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, 128, e2022JE007623.

Nuncio Zuniga A., et al. 2023. Suitability of silicone for soft-robotic exploration of terrestrial and extraterrestrial ocean worlds. Space Science and Technology. 2023. 29, № 3 (142). Р. 47—56.