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Recent Ocean Worlds Research Publications

Doran, P.T. et al. 2024. The COSPAR planetary protection policy for missions to Icy Worlds: A review of history, current scientific knowledge, and future directions. Life Sciences in Space Research, Volume 41, 2024, Pages 86-99, ISSN 2214-5524,

Schoenfeld, A.M. and An Yin, 2024. Quantifying tidal versus non-tidal stresses in driving time-varying fluxes of Enceladus' plume eruptions, Icarus, Volume 415, 116064, ISSN 0019-1035,

Glein, C. 2024. The Geochemical Potential for Metabolic Processes on the Sub-Neptune Exoplanet K2-18b. Astrophysical Journal Letters 964 L19.

Napoleoni, M et al. 2024. Probing the Oxidation State of Ocean Worlds with SUDA: Fe (II) and Fe (III) in Ice Grains. The Planetary Science Journal, Volume 5, Number 4.

Szalay, J.R. et al. 2024. Oxygen production from the dissociation of Europa’s water-ice surface. Nat Astron ISSN2397-3366.

Park, R.S. et al. 2024. The Global Shape, Gravity Field, and Libration of Enceladus. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, Volume 129, Issue 1. E2023JE008054.

Roerdink, D. et al. 2024. Hydrothermal activity fuels microbial sulfate reduction in deep and distal marine settings along the Arctic Mid Ocean Ridges. Frontiers in Marine Science, 10.

Zaman, M. et al. 2024. Frictional Strength, Stability, and Potential Shear Heating on Icy Satellite Faults. Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets, Volume 129, Issue 3. E2023JE008215

Glein, C.R., et al., 2024. Moderate D/H ratios in methane ice on Eris and Makemake as evidence of hydrothermal or metamorphic processes in their interiors: Geochemical analysis, Icarus, 412, 115999.