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Recent Ocean Worlds Research Publications

Rhoden, A.R. and M.E. Walker 2022. The case for an ocean-bearing Mimas from tidal heating analysis. Icarus 376, 114872.

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Green et al. Call for a framework for reporting evidence for life beyond Earth. Nature598, 575–579 (2021).

McCollom et al. 2022. Hydrogen generation from serpentinization of iron-rich olivine on Mars, icy moons, and other planetary bodies, Icarus, Volume 372, 2022, 114754, ISSN 0019-1035,

Messmer et al. Investigation of Raman Spectroscopic Signatures with Multivariate Statistics: An Approach for Cataloguing Microbial Biosignatures, Astrobiology, published online: 23 Sept 2021

Dubois et al. 2021. "Investigating the Condensation of Benzene (C6H6) in Titan's South Polar Cloud System with a Combination of Laboratory, Observational, and Modeling Tools". Planet. Sci. J. 2 121.

Burkhard et al., 2021. Strike-slip faulting on Titan: Modeling tidal stresses and shear failure conditions due to pore fluid interactions. Icarus, Volume 371, 2022. 114700, ISSN 0019-1035,