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Our community grieves the untimely death of Jan Amend, professor of earth sciences and biological sciences and divisional dean for the life sciences at the University of Southern California. Jan’s work encompassed many NASA Astrobiology themes, from microbial life in the deepest ocean depths to the possibility of life on Mars.

His family has selected 2 organizations for donations that represent his passion for mentoring students & promoting education equity.

The first is SMASH, which empowers dedicated students of color with an intensive education, culturally-relevant coursework and access to resources and social capital that allow them to be successful in college and in their careers.

The second is Bright Prospect, which empowers low-income, first-generation students to gain admission, succeed and graduate from four-year colleges and universities by providing a comprehensive counseling and support system throughout their high school and college years.

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Recent Ocean Worlds Research Publications


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