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Meetings, Activities, and Workshops

April 15 Earth Science Decadal Survey Community Forum

April 19-30 EGU General Assembly

April 20 NASA SMD Community Town Hall Meeting

May 20 Europa Lander In Situ Science for Ocean Worlds Workshop

June 28-July 2 Planetary Data Workshop (abstract deadline April 19)

September 14-17 AbGradCon 2021

Sept 20-23 Global Oceans 2021 (special session on Deep sea exploration and parallels to outer space)

Oct 3-8 DPS

Oct 25, 2021 Modern Brines Across the Solar System

Dec 13-27 AGU

Feb 27-Mar 4 2022 Ocean Sciences (session proposals due May 2021)

May 15-20 2022 AbSciCon (session proposals due Sept 2021)

Recent Ocean Worlds Research Publications

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Gudipati, M.S., Henderson, B.L. & Bateman, F.B. (2020).
Laboratory predictions for the night-side surface ice glow of Europa. Nat Astron