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NASA Coronavirus Response Information

July 8-10 NASA Exploration Science Forum VIRTUAL

July 23, 2020 Planetary Geologic Mappers' Meeting  VIRTUAL

August 15-22, 2020 COSPAR POSTPONED

September 1-2, 2020 OPAG
OPAG: Seattle area [TBC]

September 8-9, 2020 OW5 POSTPONED

September 21-October 9, 2020 EPSC
Europlanet Science Congress 2020 VIRTUAL

May 9-14, 2021 Save the Date for AbSciCon, Atlanta

Recent Ocean Worlds Research Publications

  • Are Planets with Oceans Common in the Galaxy? It’s Likely, NASA Scientists Find,
  • Huybrighs, H.L.F., Roussos, E., Blöcker, A., Krupp, N., Futaana, Y., Barabash, S., et al. (2020). An active  plume eruption on Europa during Galileo flyby E26 as indicated by energetic proton depletions. Geophysical Research Letters, 47, e2020GL087806. 1029/2020GL087806
  • Lu, G-S., LaRowe, D.E., Fike, D.A., Druschel, G.K., Gilhooly, W.P., Price, R.E., & J.P Amend (2020).Bioenergetic characterization of a shallow-sea hydrothermal vent system: Milos Island, Greece. PLOS ONE, 15(6), e0234175.
  • Meadows, V., Arney, G., Schmidt, B., & D.J. Des Marais (2020). Planetary Astrobiology, University ofArizona Press, Space Science Series, 9780816540068.
  • Quick, L.C, Roberge, A., Mlinar, A.B., & M.M Hedman, (2020). Forecasting Rates of Volcanic Activity onTerrestrial Exoplanets and Implications for Cryovolcanic Activity on Extrasolar Ocean Worlds, PASP,132:084402,
  • Rhoden, A.R., Hurford, T.A., Spitale, J., Henning, W., Huff, E.M., Bland, M.T. & S. Sajous (2020). The formation of Enceladus’ Tiger Stripe Fractures from eccentricity tides,’ EPSL, 544, 
  • Tutolo, B.M., Seyfried, W.E. & N.J. Tosca (2020). A seawater throttle on H2production in Precambrian serpentinizing systems, PNAS, 201921042;
  • McCartney, G., Newly Reprocessed Images of Europa Show ‘Chaos Terrain’ in Crisp Detail,
  • Leong, J.A.M. and E.L. Shock, Thermodynamic constraints on the geochemistry of low-temperature, continental, serpentinization-generated fluids, doi: 2475/03.2020.01AJS OnlineMarch 2020 vol. 320 no. 3 185-235
  • Astrobiologists Aid in Fighting the Coronavirus:
  • Ask an Astrobiologist Episode 32: Dr. Kevin Hand,
  • Moulana A, Anderson RE, Fortunato CS, Huber JA. 2020. Selection is a significant driver of gene gain and loss in the pangenome of the bacterial genus Sulfurovum in geographically distinct deep-sea hydrothermal vents. mSystems 5:e00673-19. 10.1128/mSystems.00673-19.
  • Howell, S., Sotin, C, Carpenter, K., Fleurial, J-P., Hand, K. & Klesh, A. Diving into Ocean Worlds. Environment: Coastal and Offshore, May/June 2020, 26-29, in press.