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September 9-11 2020 Astrobiology Australasia Meeting VIRTUAL

Sept 17th 11am PT, Safe Landing on Uncertain Terrain [Europa Lander Talk]

September 21-October 9, 2020 EPSC VIRTUAL
Europlanet Science Congress 2020

May 9-14, 2021 Save the Date for AbSciCon, Atlanta, session proposals due Septh 16th

Recent Ocean Worlds Research Publications

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Spontaneous formation of geysers at only one pole on Enceladus’ ice shell. PNAS

McDermott, J. M et al. (2020)
Abiotic redox reactions in hydrothermal mixing zones: Decreased energy availability for the subsurface biosphere, PNAS

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A very young age for true polar wander on Europa from related fracturing. Geophys. Res. Lett., https://doi: 10.1029/2020GL088364

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Powering the Galilean satellites with moon‐moon tides. Geophysical Research Letters, 47, e2020GL088317

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Ice-Ocean Exchange Processes in the Jovian and Saturnian Satellites. Space Sci Rev 216, 80 (2020)

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S.A. Evidence for a hot start and early ocean formation on Pluto.  Geosci.13, 468–472 (2020).

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An active  plume eruption on Europa during Galileo flyby E26 as indicated by energetic proton depletions, Geophysical Research Letters, 47, e2020GL087806. 

Lu, G-S., LaRowe, D.E., Fike, D.A., Druschel, G.K., Gilhooly, W.P., Price, R.E., & J.P Amend (2020),
Bioenergetic characterization of a shallow-sea hydrothermal vent system: Milos Island, Greece, PLOS ONE, 15(6), e0234175. 

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Forecasting Rates of Volcanic Activity onTerrestrial Exoplanets and Implications for Cryovolcanic Activity on Extrasolar Ocean Worlds, PASP,132:084402.

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A seawater throttle on H2production in Precambrian serpentinizing systems, PNAS, 201921042. 

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Thermodynamic constraints on the geochemistry of low-temperature, continental, serpentinization-generated fluids, 2020 vol. 320 no. 3 185-235