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Recent Ocean Worlds Research Publications

Chela-Flores, J. 2022. Instrumentation for Detecting Sulphur Isotopes as Biosignatures on Europa and Ganymede by Forthcoming Missions. Universe8, no. 7, 357.

German et al. 2022. Ocean system science to inform the exploration of ocean worlds. Oceanography

Hoehler, et al. 2022. Leveraging Earth hydrosphere science in the search for life on ocean worlds. Oceanography,

MacKenzie et al. 2022. Science objectives for flagship-class mission concepts for the search for evidence of life at Enceladus, Astrobiology, 685-712.

Marusiak et al. 2022. Seismic detection of euroquakes originating from Europa's silicate interior. Earth and Space Science, 9, e2021EA002041.

Wolfenbarger et al. 2022. Ice Shell Structure and Composition of Ocean Worlds: Insights from Accreted Ice on Earth. Astrobiology.

Carnahan et al. 2022. Dynamics of Mixed Clathrate-Ice Shells on Ocean Worlds, GRL, Volume 49, Issue 8, e2021GL097602

Siteng Fan et al 2022 . Seasonal Variations of Chemical Species and Haze in Titan's Upper Atmosphere Sci. J.3 130

Michael DiNicola et al2022 . Resurfacing: An Approach to Planetary Protection for Geologically Active Ocean Worlds Sci. J. 3 108

Zuzana Cieslarova et al. 2022. From Microorganisms to Biosignatures: Subcritical Water Extraction as a Sample Preparation Technique for Future Life Detection Missions, GRL, e2022GL098082