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Job Opportunities


Astrobiologist opening at JHU APL’s Space Exploration Sector. Are you motivated to understand the origin of life, the habitability of other planets, and whether we are alone? If so, consider applying to join our growing program in astrobiology research at JHU APL!

Deadline June 30, 2021


Office of Polar Programs Postdoctoral Research Fellowships (OPP-PRF) to provide opportunities for early career scientists, including social scientists, to accomplish one or more of the following goals: expand their work across traditional disciplinary lines, develop new partnerships connecting the polar regions and/or non-polar research communities, and provide entry to researchers who have traditionally had limited access to polar research resources, sites and facilities.

Review of applications begin June 18, 2021


NASA Postdoctoral Fellows work on 1 to 3 year assignments with NASA scientists and engineers at NASA centers and institutes to advance NASA's missions in earth science, heliophysics, planetary science, astrophysics, space bioscience, aeronautics, engineering,human exploration and space operations, astrobiology, and science management.

Current Cycle Deadline July 1, 2021