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NOW Seminars

Upcoming Quarterly Lecture Series

JANUARY 4, 2020

Episode 4: "Life on the surface and in atmospheres"

Contact Kathryn Rose Pietro at for registration information.

Past Lectures


Episode 3: "Life in the ice and ice-ocean interface"

Lectures by Dr. Kevin Arrigo, Stanford University and by Dr. Mike Malaska, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JUNE 2020

Episode 2: “Life on the seafloors and in the oceans”

Lectures by Dr. Julie Huber, WHOI and by Dr. Kevin Hand, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

MARCH 2020

Episode 1: Introduction to Cryospheres: The Ocean Worlds and Earth

Lectures by Jill Mikucki, University of Tennessee and Cynthia Phillips, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory