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Quarterly Lecture Series

Season 4: Episode 4

Making Measurements on Ocean Worlds: Life Detection

Dr. Shannon MacKenzie, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

Dr. Shujie Wang, Penn State University

Wednesday June 26th 3pm ET/ 12pm PT


Meeting ID: 235 689 671 131

Passcode: Vspmt5

Past Events

Quarterly Lecture Series

Wednesday March 6th at 3pm ET/ 12pm PT

Season 4: Episode 3

Making and utilizing measurements of organics on Earth and other Ocean Worlds

Dr. Dennis Hansell, U Miami

Dr. Fernanda Mora, NASA JPL

Quarterly Lecture Series

Thursday January 18th at 12pm ET/ 9am PT

Season 4: Episode 2

Looking at Icy Surfaces with Radar

Alex Gardner, NASA JPL

Alice Le Gall, LATMOS

Quarterly Lecture Series

October 23rd 3pm ET/ 12pm PT

Season 4: Episode 1

Making Measurements on Ocean Worlds

Kelsey Bisson, Program Scientist for NASA’s Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry Program

Curt Niebur, Program Scientist for Outer Planets and Ocean Worlds in the Planetary Science Division at NASA Headquarters

Quarterly Lecture Series

June 5th 3pm ET/ 12pm PT

Season 3: Episode 4

Exploring Ocean Worlds Through Analogs: Combined approaches to clathrates

Angela Marusiak-Schools, NASA JPL

Elodie Gloesener, NASA JPL

Quarterly Lecture Series

March 27th 3pm ET/ 12pm PT

Season 3: Episode 3 "Exploring Ocean Worlds Through Analogs: Numerical Simulations"

Dimitris Menemenlis, JPL

Krista Soderlund, UT Austin

Quarterly Lecture Series

December 5th 2pm ET/ 11pm PT

Season 3: Episode 2 "Exploring Ocean Worlds Through Analogs: Lab Studies"

Xinting Yu

“Material Properties of Organic Liquids, Ices, and Hazes on Titan”

Paul V. Johnson

“Frozen Brines: Experimental Insights into Europa’s Surface Chemistry and Microbial Viability”

Quarterly Lecture Series

September 12th 3pm ET/ 12pm PT

Season 3: Episode 1 "Exploring Ocean Worlds Through Analogs: Field Studies"

Quarterly Lecture Series

February 28th 1pm ET/ 10am PT

Season 2: Science Motivations for Ocean Worlds Exploration

Episode 4: Sensing the Environment

Quarterly Lecture Series

October 18th, 1pm ET/ 11am PT

Season 2: Science Motivations for Ocean Worlds Exploration

Episode 3: Geochemistry & Habitability

NOW Proposal Writing Workshop

September 24th, 11-1pm ET/ 8-10am pm PT

Presentations from Program Managers:

Mary Voytek (PSD)

Laura Lorenzoni (ESD-Oceans)

Thorsten Markus (ESD-Cryosphere)

Live From an Ocean World!

July 15 4pm ET/ 1pm PT

Explore the Deep Sea on the E/V Nautilus

Hosted by:

Dr. Peter Girguis, Harvard University

Dr. Christopher German, Woods Hole Oceanographic Insitiution

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Quarterly Lecture Series

June 21, 2021

Season 2: Science Motivations for Ocean Worlds Exploration

Episode 2: Geophysics & Habitability


Science Motivations: Dr. James Roberts (JHU-APL)

Technologies/Instruments: Dr. Angela Marusiak (JPL)


MARCH 29, 2020

Season 2: Science Motivations for Ocean Worlds Exploration

Episode 1: "Signs of Life: Detection and Characterization."

Lectures by Marc Neveu (NASA Goddard) and Richard Quinn (NASA Ames

Season 1: Life on Ocean Worlds

JANUARY 4, 2020

Episode 4: "Life on the surface and in atmospheres"

Lectures by Prof. Juan Lora (Yale University) “Understanding Titan's hydrologic cycle and the distribution of methane seas"and Dr. David J. Smith (NASA Ames) “Microbiological Exploration in Earth’s Atmosphere”


Episode 3: "Life in the ice and ice-ocean interface"

Lectures by Dr. Kevin Arrigo, Stanford University and by Dr. Mike Malaska, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

JUNE 2020

Episode 2: “Life on the seafloors and in the oceans”

Lectures by Dr. Julie Huber, WHOI and by Dr. Kevin Hand, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

MARCH 2020

Episode 1: Introduction to Cryospheres: The Ocean Worlds and Earth

Lectures by Jill Mikucki, University of Tennessee and Cynthia Phillips, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory