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Working Groups


Equity Diversity and Inclusivity

Work within and outside of the Network to develop language to provide a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive OW community.


Future Leaders in Ocean Worlds

A platform for early career scientists (students and post-docs) within NOW. Group activities to include within-group networking and mentorship opportunities with other NOW members.


Lecture Series

Organize a series of seminars based on a common theme.

Season 4: Making Measurements on Ocean Worlds

Aaron Noell, Audrey Chatain, Michelle Gierach


Website and Communication

Oversee the NOW website and social media accounts. Brainstorm creative strategies to communicate within and outside of the Network.


Workshops and Meetings

This working group will help organize and plan future meetings and workshops. These include future workshops (Vision for Future Ocean Worlds Technology Needs), special sessions (AGU, Ocean Sciences, GSA etc.), and Ocean Worlds-focused meetings (e.g., the next Ocean Worlds 5 meeting).