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Team Members

Kevin Arrigo

Samuel Bailey

Seismometer to Investigate Ice

and Ocean Structure (SIIOS)

Laurie Barge

Phosphorus Redox Chemistry

on Icy and Rocky Planets

William Brinckerhoff

Europan Molecular Indicators

of Life Investigation (EMILI)

Shane Byrne

Kate Craft

Thomas Cwik

Cristina Dalle Ore

Tracking the organic matter

in the outer Saturn System

Mohit Melwani Daswani

Christine Foreman

Dominique Fourguette

Christopher German

Peter Girguis

Jennifer Glass

Jacqueline Grebmeier

Kimberly Halsey

Kevin Hand

Investigating energetic electron weathering at Saturn's inner

mid-sized moons

Matthew Hedman

Bryana Henderson

Plasma-Surface Interactions on Europa: Quantification of Primary and Secondary Radiation with Depth

Tori Hoehler

Sam Howell

Karen Junge

Simon Kattenhorn

A plate tectonic drift paradigm

shift: new context for explaining

Europa's fractured surface

Darlene Lim

Shannon MacKenzie

Michael Malaska

Patricia Matrai

Christopher McKay

Development of Nanopore

Sequencing for Automated

Ocean World Life Detection

Gareth Meirion-Griffith

Jill Mikucki

ICE-MAMBA Ice-covered

Chemosynthetic Ecosystems:

Mineral Availability and MicroBiological Accessibility

Alison Murray

Beth Orcutt

Louise Prockter

Richard Quinn

LIfE: Luminescence

Imager for Exploration

Noah Randolph-Flagg

Alyssa Rhoden

James Roberts

Geologic Evidence for a South

Polar Impact on Enceladus

Kirtland Robinson

Organic Nitrogen Compounds

as Temperature, pH, and

Redox Indicators for

Icy Ocean Worlds

Karyn Rogers

The DEEP Project: DEtecting Extraterrestrial Piezophiles

in Ocean World Analogs

Leslie Rogers

Quantifying the Effect

of Oceans on the

Atmospheric Composition

of Habitable Water Worlds

Britney Schmidt

Ella Sciamma-O'Brien

Integrated laboratory, modeling

and observational investigations

of the condensation of benzene

on Titan's stratospheric aerosols

Sven Simon

Pablo Sobron

Alejandro Soto

William Stone

THOR (Thermal High-voltage

Ocean-penetrator Research platform)

Alexis Templeton

Jonathan Toner

The Composition and Habitability

of Enceladus' Ocean

Steve Vance

Dale P Winebrenner

Kris Zacny